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Happy Birthday!

Mediterrano continues to celebrate it’s 21st anniversary and is proud to be the ‘old’ established kid on the block, offering an array selections in their local bar.

When young adults turn 21 in Michigan, it’s often a milestone they won’t forget.

Michigan has an interesting history when it comes to the legal drinking age.

Legally Speaking

Prior to Prohibition in 1919 there is nothing on the books but after Prohibition was repealed Michigan instituted a legal age of twenty-one in 1933. Once the 26th Amendment was enacted in 1972, prohibiting states and the federal government from using age as a reason for denying the right to vote to citizens who are at least eighteen years of age, Michigan, along with many sister states, reduced the drinking age to eighteen. Less than a half-dozen years later, Michigan made two changes to the legal drinking age within (ironically) eighteen days.

On December 3, 1978, Michigan raised the minimum drinking age from 18 to 19.

On December 21, 1978, the age jumped to 21 and Michigan has the record holding fact that it was the first state to raise the age back to 21 since it was lowered.

As a licensed establishment since 2005 in the state of Michigan, Mediterrano enforces Michigan’s legal drinking age. We’ll often card to ensure you have the proper identity, and maybe even to make those older than twenty-one feel young again.

A Fusion Of Sorts

As a restaurant with a Mediterranean heritage, we respect those countries who have maintained a legal drinking age of 18. Although it’s unlikely Mediterrano will adopt their age requirements, we have through the years adopted many of the local favorite dishes and made them our own through fusion.

Fusion food is a general term for the combination of various forms of cookery and comes in several forms. Regional fusion combines different cuisines of a region or sub-region into a single eating experience.

There are over twenty countries on the Mediterranean sea, and thousands of flavors from which we can choose and combine to make your dining experience unique. Come in and enjoy one of our Mediterranean Fusion meals paired with a favorite old world wine from our cellar - if you’re over 21! If not, we’re pleased to offer an array of Pepsi products.

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