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The relation between alcohol consumption and mortality is a J-shaped curve. Studies show that wine intake may have a beneficial effect on mortality.


The full Abstract from an article entitled: Mediterranean Way of Drinking and Longevity and published on PubMed.gov states:

The relation between alcohol consumption and mortality is a J-shaped curve in most of the many studies published on this topic. The Copenhagen Prospective Population Studies demonstrated in the year 2000 that wine intake may have a beneficial effect on all cause mortality that is additive to that of alcohol. Wine contains various poliphenolic substances which may be beneficial for health and in particular flavonols (such as myricetin and quercetin), catechin and epicatechin, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, various phenolic acids and the stilbene resveratrol. In particular, resveratrol seems to play a positive effect on longevity because it increases the expression level of Sirt1, besides its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties. Moderate wine drinking is part of the Mediterranean diet, together with abundant and variable plant foods, high consumption of cereals, olive oil as the main (added) fat and a low intake of (red) meat. This healthy diet pattern involves a "Mediterranean way of drinking," that is a regular, moderate wine consumption mainly with food (up to two glasses a day for men and one glass for women). Moderate wine drinking increases longevity, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and does not appreciably influence the overall risk of cancer.


We all know that water is a necessity of life and should be a main drink in any healthy diet. It is recommended that one drinks at least six glasses of water each day according to the Mediterranean Diet. But man can not live on water alone.


Other beverages may be consumed while on the Mediterranean Diet. A daily intake of wine in moderation is rich in antioxidants and may lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol while increasing the good, or HDL, level of cholesterol in the blood. In short, having a glass of wine a day is healthy for your heart. Drinking the right wine depending on the type of meal will also enhance the flavors of that dish.


For example, PISTACHIO CRUSTED LAMB RACK served medium-rare to well-done, and with couscous . peas . carrots . roasted cauliflower. pomegranate molasses would pair well with a younger, more fruit-driven wine such as a younger red Bordeaux, such as a 2012 Chateau Les Millaux Bordeaux Superieur, or a 2014 Hess Cabernet Sauvignon both currently on our menu of old world wines.

Whether eating out or eating at home, when preparing your Mediterranean Diet remember to stay hydrated, enjoy the many flavors and spices of the Mediterranean, and eat in moderation.

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