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Guest blog: Jeff

Be with family. Share with loved ones

Growing up as a kid and well into my teens, we always at as a family at 5:30 pm. This was meal time, and you better not miss it!

It was a good habit and a lesson that my Greek father brought with him to our family. He learned growing up as one of eight children it was hard to eat a meal alone.

As a single man today, I try to keep up that habit of not eating a meal alone. Although my family is now hours away, I have developed a group of friends, and even some restaurant acquaintances, with whom I share my meal time. Yes, I don’t eat home a lot now, and sometimes my meal time is well past 5:30 - some habits are okay to break.

Sharing a meal with others is a blessing, I tend to eat slowly, and I am less likely to stuff myself. It’s time to talk about current events, laugh at stupid jokes, introduce one another to a new drink or steal a bite from my friend’s plate because it looks soooo good.

As mentioned above it’s more than just sharing a meal, within our Mediterranean culture, like others, we cultivate and support a balanced social life and a certain connectedness to the people who matter like family, close friends and those within our cultural and religions community.

Food, however, does seem to be the central factor. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner, a Greek festival, a wedding or funeral there is always Greek and other Mediterranean recipes present. And there is PLENTY to share.

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