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Executive Chef Chris Huey returns to Mediterrano.

While only 35 years old, Chef Huey brings decades of experience. He started cooking at home standing on a box next to his mother, separating fresh greens in preparation for the family meal. His yearning to branch out in the commercial side of things began at 14 years old as a baker for Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

Following one year at Western Michigan University as an undeclared business major, Chris realized that his passion was in the food industry. With the support and counsel of his first kitchen mentor, his Mom, Chris headed to Hyde Park, NY and the CIA (Culinary Institute of America: The World’s Premier Culinary College [https://www.ciachef.edu/]).

After graduation, Chris returned to Michigan under the tutelage and mentorship of Takashi Yagihashi, the James Beard award winning Chef. It was with Chef Yagihashi that he honed his newly acquired skills. In Chris’ words:

“That’s where I busted my chops. I learned the discipline and attention to detail that a 5-star kitchen needs to be successful.”

Culinary school guided Chris to Chef Yagihashi but when he returned to Ann Arbor, the one restaurant where he really wanted to work was Logans. Logans, not the Roadhouse, was a 40 seat French Asian Fusion fine dining experience.

After six years at Logan, the Roumanis Group interviewed Chris who accepted a position at Mediterrano. From there the journey led to Zolo’s Bistro, Sava’s and finally Terry B’s for the last three years. It is Terry B’s where Chris considers he truly earned the title of Executive Chef.

When Mediterrano called asking Chris to return, it was a no brainer. His decision simply came down to a great relationship with John Roumanis, owner, and Olsi Gjini, General Manager.

In short, Chris says:

“I felt it was time to come back and put my mark on Mediterrano.”

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