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We’re pleased to follow up with “Who Are The Mediterranean’s?” series with another dinner:

“A Taste of the Mediterranean - Port of Call: Spain”

March 15 at 7 pm

Enjoy classic small plate dishes featuring Paella Valencia as the main course.


space is limited

$55 per person

$80 with wine pairings

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Although we will feature the equivalent of a ten-course meal, the main focus is on the entrée: Paella.

The meal is widely regarded as Spain's national dish, as well as a regional Valencian dish; Valencians regard paella as one of their identifying symbols. As a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots, it may have originated in its modern form during the mid-19th century near Albufera lagoon on the east coast of Spain which is next door to the city of Valencia. Join us and enjoy classic small plate dishes featuring Paella Valencia as the main course.

Reception Course

Traditional Tapas and Spanish Beverages

Marinated Olives
Patatas Bravas
Serrano Ham and Melon
Roasted Piquillo Peppers with Olive OIl
Anchovies and Sherry Vinegar on bread
Roasted Almonds and Manchego Cheese
Cava Brut, Sangria, and Clarita

Second Course

White gazpacho

almonds . garlic . olive oil . bread . grapes


Third Course

Sweet Peas

mint and romesco


Fourth Course

Valencia Style Paella Served Family Style

chorizo . chicken . shrimp . mussels . clams . saffron

reserva rioja


Tahitian Vanilla Flan

traditional spanish coffee

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