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Whether you are arranging a wedding reception, baby shower, anniversary party or corporate dinner, choosing the right banquet hall can be an exhausting task. In addition to simply finding a location that has available space on the day of your event, it requires additional consideration and research to find a reception room that can provide everything you will need to make your event a success.

Five things to consider:

  1. Location
  2. Capacity
  3. Interiors
  4. Amenities
  5. Costs


Consider your guests. Seek a location for your private event that is convenient, especially if you are hosting out of town guests and need to be near a hotel. The banquet hall should be near major crossroads or an interstate for ease of access. Check into the parking that’s available, some questions to ask include:

  • Is there sufficient parking available for all your guests?
  • Are there handicapped spaces available?
  • Do any other businesses in the same complex share the spaces?


Make certain the space you are seeking can accommodate your guest list in the form or fashion of the event you wish to host. A facility that can hold 200 guests for a stand-up cocktail party may only be able to seat 100 for table service.


Unless the venue is prepared to host an event for another client, often times you’ll walk into vacant space. A vacant space can be beneficial. Look around and see that the property is maintained. Although you’ll be decorating the space to your own taste and to match the event’s theme so your guests’ first impression will be...well impressed, but what about the reception area, foyer and bathrooms - are they handicapped accessible? Take some time and look about the whole facility, not just the banquet room.


Check to ensure that the venue can accommodate your needs. Now most will provide the tables, chairs and some minimal table decorations but what about audio /visual? Does your event, perhaps a meeting, need wifi or additional electrical outlets? Finally, depending on the type of event, consider that you may need to have additional servers, waiters and bartenders for the party. You should inquire as to the availability and cost of providing any necessary staff.

Most banqueting facilities offer on-premises catering services for their clients. In most cases, this is the way to go when planning your event. Booking all of your required services through one provider makes it much easier to coordinate, and to ensure the level of excellence that you demand. Be sure the on-site catering service can provide a full selection of menu possibilities, and that they are prepared to accommodate any of your guests who may have specific dietary restrictions. The caterer should also offer a full tasting menu, giving you the chance to sample potential dishes before you settle on the final menu.


Now that a few of the banquet halls you’ve reviewed meet your needs for a perfect location with the right amenities, it’s time to get down to the brass tacks and compare your the expenses to the what the venues have to offer. Create a simple checklist and

  • compare your requirements, and the comfort of your guests, and
  • contract that against the expense of the venue.

Reserving a banquet hall or private dining space and the services for your event does require a bit of planning. Asking the right questions can ensure that your party is successful.

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