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If I were to ask you that question directly, most likely you’d answer

  • the Greeks,
  • the Italians,
  • the Morrocans, and/or
  • the Turks.

But did you know that there are twenty-three countries whose shores are lapped each day by the Mediterranean Sea? Below is the list of the Mediterranean countries listed clockwise:

Mediterranean Dining

  1. Gibraltar
  2. Spain
  3. France
  4. Monaco
  5. Italy
  6. Malta
  7. Slovenia
  8. Croatia
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Montenegro
  11. Albania
  12. Greece
  13. Turkey
  14. Cyprus
  15. Syria
  16. Lebanon
  17. Israel
  18. State of Palestine
  19. Egypt
  20. Libya
  21. Tunisia
  22. Algeria
  23. Morocco

For over twenty-years Mediterrano has paid homage to each of these countries. We have either featured dishes - small plates or entrees, served some of their famous Old World wine, or flavored our recipes with indigenous spices and ingredients.

With twenty-three countries and over three times that in menu options, come in often and let your palette travel across the region and experience the sweet and savory flavors of the Mediterranean.

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